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可以bai,分板速度可调80,120,200,400mm/秒。宇顺力灯条分板机采du用独特的多连多切割方法,电zhi路板切割由六片刀片dao完成,上下两片为一组,构成一个切割单元。分别是A、B、C、三组。整个切割过程分为三个阶段,A组刀片先切割电路板40%,接着B刀片再次从A刀片切过的槽中碾过,再次完成40% 的切割量,最后由C组刀片切割最后的20% 并修光,由于每次的切割量很小,因此切割过程中产生的应力较传统的一次切断方式减少了80% 以上,分割好的电路板边缘平整光滑,板面非常平整,不扭不翘。是目前市面上唯一的走板式能保证切割后铝基板不变形的机器。还可根据厂家需求定制。

It can be Bai, and the plate speed can be adjusted by 80120200400mm / s. Yushunli light strip dividing machine adopts a unique multi continuous cutting method. The cutting of electric circuit board is completed by six blades Dao, and the upper and lower pieces form a group, forming a cutting unit. They were group A, group B, group C and group C. The whole cutting process is divided into three stages: group a blade first cuts 40% of the circuit board, then B blade grinds again from the groove cut by blade a, completes 40% of the cutting volume again, and finally cuts the last 20% and polishes by group C blade. Because the cutting amount is small each time, the stress generated in the cutting process is reduced by 80% compared with the traditional one-time cutting method The edge of the divided circuit board is flat and smooth, and the board surface is very flat without twisting or warping. At present, it is the only walking board machine on the market to ensure that the aluminum substrate is not deformed after cutting. It can also be customized according to the needs of manufacturers.


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