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一、操作者义务; Operator obligations; 

1) 请详bai细阅览本说明书及附属机器du使用说明书,zhi并依照说明书指dao示来操作上板机。  

Please read this manual and the operation manual of the accessory machine carefully, and operate the board computer according to the instructions in the manual.

2) 请依照本上板机设备的安全规范准则,并确保遵守规定。

Please follow the safety rules of this board machine and make sure to comply with the regulations. 

3) 请依照规定使用保护器具及衣物。

Please use protective equipment and clothing according to regulations.  

4) 请勿用潮湿的手碰触电器设备。 

Do not touch electrical equipment with wet hands. 

5) 运转中,若要整理上板机设备周边时,请确保安全。 

During operation, if you want to arrange the periphery of the board machine, please ensure safety. 

6) 运转中,身体任何一部分都绝对不要进入设备内。

During operation, no part of the body should enter the equipment.  

7) 运转中,若发生异常,请立刻停机,依据异常处理方法处置或联络本公司 

In case of any abnormality during operation, please stop the machine immediately and handle or contact our company according to the abnormal handling method

8) 每天作业完了后,请清扫上板机设备周边。

After daily operation, please clean the periphery of the board loading machine.  

9) 每天作业完了后,要离开设备时,请将电源及主控制阀依照正确方法关紧 

When leaving the equipment after daily operation, please close the power supply and main control valve according to the correct method

10) 禁止改造非常停止回路及动作确认。 

It is forbidden to modify the emergency stop circuit and action confirmation.

11) 禁止改造非常停止钮,安全护罩和确认关闭的开关,安全光电管,安全栓等。 

It is forbidden to modify the emergency stop button, safety shield and switch, safety photocell, safety bolt, etc.

12) 禁止有关安全的开关拔掉或者安全防护机能取消的事发生。 

It is forbidden to pull out the safety switch or cancel the safety protection function. 

13) 定期保养及确认非常停止动作是否正常。但此时必需将其它人不可靠近的标牌告 示放在明显位置,告知此装置目前正非常停止或自动安全装置正在测试。但保全、调整时需要及被许可的人不受此限制。 

Regularly maintain and confirm whether the abnormal stop action is normal. However, at this time, it is necessary to put the sign notice which is not accessible to other people at a conspicuous position to inform the device that it is currently in emergency stop or the automatic safety device is being tested. However, those who need and are permitted to preserve and adjust are not subject to this restriction. 

14) 定期保养及确认非常安全检测及保护动作是否正常。但此时必需要将其它人不可靠近的标牌告示放在明显位置,告知此装置目前自动安全装置正在测试。

Regular maintenance and confirmation of very safe detection and protection action. But at this time, it is necessary to put the sign notice that other people are not allowed to approach at an obvious position to inform the device that the automatic safety device is currently being tested.

二、 条件变更限制;  Restrictions on change of conditions;

1) 此上板机设备的设定条件(电压、电流、压力速度等设备上的铭牌、标记等明白显示的设定值),如要变更时,必须得到负责者或领导者的许可才实行,设定条件变更时必须要将变更前后的值记录起来。  

If the setting conditions (such as voltage, current, pressure, speed, etc. are clearly displayed on the nameplates and marks on the equipment), they must be approved by the person in charge or the leader before and after the setting conditions are changed, and the values before and after the changes must be recorded.

2) 工件的质量确定务必要根据工程管理明细书规定的抽检周期实施,若有异常出现时, 应立刻报告负责者或领导者,依从其指示操作。

The quality of the workpiece must be determined according to the sampling inspection period specified in the project management details. In case of any abnormality, it shall be reported to the person in charge or leader immediately and operate according to the instructions.


Safety confirmation during maintenance;

1) 检修、修理时,请实行以下步骤以确保安全。

During maintenance and repair, please implement the following steps to ensure safety.  

2) 将上板机设备停止,并确认各机构设施停止在安全位置。 

Stop the board loading machine and make sure that all mechanisms and facilities are stopped in a safe position. 

3) 进入上板机设备时,请确认各安全机构的状态,必要时可设专人监护或对将安全开关锁及安全销拔下,并随身携带。

When entering the board loading machine, please confirm the status of each safety mechanism. If necessary, special personnel can be assigned to monitor or pull out the safety switch lock and safety pin, and carry them with you.  

4) 电源箱的主电箱开关、马达的开关等所有电源必须切掉,有锁住装置的部件必须要锁住等等。

All power supply such as switch of main electric box and switch of motor of power box must be cut off, and parts with locking device must be locked.  

5) 使用指定的零部件。

Use specified components  

6) 保险丝等过电流保护器及维修零部件等请使用指定产品。

Please use specified products for over-current protector such as fuse and repair parts. 

7) 要正确操作上板机设备及正确的安全作业行为,请注意本设备张贴的铭牌。此铭牌非常重要,请不要损伤或将其撕掉。如果此铭牌有损伤或不见时请务必联络负责者或领导者。

Please pay attention to the name plate posted on the equipment to operate the board machine correctly and operate safely. This name plate is very important, please do not damage or tear it off. If the name plate is damaged or missing, please contact the person in charge or leader.


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