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PCB board is different, each customer makes different products, and the type of dupc board is also different. Therefore, it is better to use different splitter for PCB board of different Dao.


The relatively small, thin, relatively simple PCB board, recommended to use side knife type board machine to cut.

  铡刀式分板机是采用最新气电式轻量化设计一次完成无剪切应力切板行程,特别适用于切割精密 SMD 或薄板;无圆刀型分板时产生的弓形波(BOW WAVES)及微裂痕(MICRO CRACK),使用楔形刀具线性分板,剪切应力降至最低,使敏感的 SMD 组件,甚至电容均可不受影响,产品潜在质量风险降至最低。

The cutter type plate splitter adopts the latest pneumatic and electric lightweight design to complete the plate cutting stroke without shear stress at one time, which is especially suitable for cutting precision SMD or thin plate; bow waves and micro crack generated when there is no round knife type plate splitting, The use of wedge-shaped cutting tool can reduce the shear stress to the minimum, so that sensitive SMD components, even capacitors can not be affected, and the potential quality risk of products is minimized.


There is also a PCB with components, components are not very high, the board is not large, you can use the knife type board splitter

这款分板机的通用性是很强的, 连结多片的板于焊锡后,折断时常会伤害线路或将电子零件折断,本机以走刀式行进分割,可彻底减少应力,防止焊点龟裂及零件断裂,提高生产效率及质量;采用上圆刀下平刀方式,板至于下平刀上,开关一踩,上圆刀横移走动至所设定的定点,即将PCB板切断分割,切断不脱丝,切口平整,无毛边。还可加装输送平台,方便切好的PCB板自动送出。

This kind of board dividing machine has strong universality. When the plates connected with many pieces are broken after soldering, the circuit will be damaged or the electronic parts will be broken. This machine can cut the parts by moving the cutter, which can completely reduce the stress, prevent the cracks of solder joints and parts, and improve the production efficiency and quality, When the board is on the lower flat knife, when the switch is pressed, the upper round knife moves horizontally to the set fixed point, that is, the PCB board is cut off and divided, and the cutting is smooth and free of burr. It can also be equipped with a conveying platform to facilitate the automatic delivery of the cut PCB.

  3、针对那些不规则的PCB板,邮票孔板,连点板,可以使用 PCB铣刀式分板机。

For those irregular PCB board, stamp hole plate, even point board, you can use PCB milling cutter type board splitter.

这种分板机主要利用铣刀高速运转将多连片式PCB按预先编程路径分割开来的设备,取代人工折断或V-CUT或PUSH的切割瑕疵,切割精度高且准,使用寿命长,切割品质佳,无粉尘,无毛边,低应力,安全简便,提高产品品质,减少报废率。主要用来分割不规则PCB板,邮票孔板,连点板。切割应力更小,大约是冲压式的1/10,手掰的1/100,从而防止例如陶瓷电容等芯片在切割过程中损坏;避免人工折板所导致锡裂及组件受损等问题 。

This kind of machine mainly uses the high-speed operation of milling cutter to separate the multi connected PCB according to the pre programmed path, instead of manual breaking or V-CUT or push cutting defects. It has high cutting accuracy and accuracy, long service life, good cutting quality, no dust, no burr, low stress, safety and simple, improving product quality and reducing scrap rate. It is mainly used for dividing irregular PCB board, stamp hole plate and connecting point board. The cutting stress is smaller, which is about 1 / 10 of stamping type and 1 / 100 of hand breaking, so as to prevent chips such as ceramic capacitors from being damaged during cutting, and avoid tin cracking and component damage caused by manual folding.


In short, there is no one board machine can do a perfect cutting of all types of PCB boards, it is best to choose different cutting machines according to the characteristics of PCB boards. It is best to take the board to the manufacturer for trial use. There are many board machine manufacturers in Dongguan. Yushunli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. can have a try. It doesn't cost money anyway


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