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曲线分板机,也叫铣刀分板机,和其他类型的分板机是有所区别的,zhi它主要是运用高速旋dao转的主轴带动铣刀将多连片的PCB板按程序编辑好的道路进行高精度分割。 铣刀分板机也有离线式分板机、在线式分板机的分类方法,也有单工作台与双工作台这样的分类。



Curve dividing machine, also known as milling cutter dividing machine, is different from other types of board dividing machines. It mainly uses the high-speed rotating spindle to drive the milling cutter to segment multi connected PCB boards according to the path edited by the program with high precision. There are also classification methods of off-line, on-line, single table and double table.


It is quite different from the traditional hand breaking, cutting and stamping machines with the following characteristics:

1. 曲线分板机取代了人工折断、V-CUT或PUSH的切割瑕疵,大幅度的提高产品品质, 降低了报废率;


The curve splitter replaces the manual fracture, V-CUT or push cutting defects, greatly improves the product quality and reduces the scrap rate;

2. 用铣刀切割的时候,切割应力小,约为手掰式的1%, 冲压式的0.1%,较大的减小对PCBA板隐性的损伤。


When cutting with milling cutter, the cutting stress is small, which is about 1% of the hand breaking type and 0.1% of the stamping type, which can greatly reduce the hidden damage to PCBA plate.

3. 铣刀切割精度很高,切割表面光滑无毛刺,对于对产品要求较高的客户,建议选用曲线分板机;


The cutting accuracy of milling cutter is very high, the cutting surface is smooth and without burr. For customers with high requirements on products, it is recommended to select curve plate splitter;

4. 曲线分板机可以切割直线、圆弧、曲线和斜线,对比走刀分板机、铝基板分板机、灯条分板机,它的灵活性更高适用性更好。



Compared with the cutting machine, the aluminum plate dividing machine and the light strip dividing machine, it has higher flexibility and better applicability.


In the previous communication with customers, we found that customers are actually very concerned about whether we are real manufacturers and whether we have enough strength on the curve splitter. For these problems, I think Yushun power splitter can meet all your needs. Why do you say that?

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