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First of all, the operator of the dividing machine needs to determine the direction of the PCB to be cut and put the front and back sides into the special dividing fixture. When placing it, press down gently with the palm of your hand. After confirming that it is placed in place, cover the cover of the dividing fixture tightly. At this time, everything is ready. When the operator presses the green feed button on the left or right side, the worktable will automatically enter the position of dividing board. Click the software button of the dividing machine. Note that the button is red during the inspection. Observe whether each position to be cut is correct, and the workbench will exit automatically when the inspection is completed. After reading and checking, click the stop button on the software first. At this time, the button is red, and after a few seconds, it will turn green.


After completing a series of tests, the distributor begins to process formally. The operator needs to click the button on the software, and the splitter starts to work. The vacuum cleaner, spindle and electrostatic eliminator will also start automatically. In pneumatic machining, there will be waiting time for spindle starting after the template detection is completed, while there is no waiting time for spindle starting in continuous machining. Pay attention to observe whether the cutting position is correct when the dividing machine is working. If the cutting position is not correct, offset or not in the cutting position, there is a red emergency stop button on the left and right sides of the machine. At this time, as long as one of the machines is pressed, the machine will stop immediately. After the machine stops, the engineer should be found to solve the problem.


As a device for dividing PCB board, the distributor itself is a machine. If the operator wants to skillfully use it, he must have an understanding of the splitter and know the correct operation method. Only in this way can the safety production, improve efficiency and avoid accidents occur in the actual use of the board splitter.

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