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走刀式分板机通电通气的状态下,踩下脚踏开关,上刀压下时, 此时松开手滑阀,然后再松开脚踏开关, 使上刀停在底部. 用4mm 六角匙调节捌个无头螺丝, 调到下刀与上刀平行,确定平行后锁紧5个压刀螺钉。

Under the condition of power supply and ventilation, step on the foot switch. When the upper knife is pressed down, release the hand slide valve, and then release the foot switch to stop the upper knife at the bottom. Use a 4mm hexagon key to adjust eight headless screws until the lower cutter is parallel to the upper one, and then lock the five knife pressing screws.


The upper and lower blades a and B are on the same plane when slitting common substrates. If the products with strong toughness can be cut off, the four screws C in the above figure can be loosened. Adjust the lower cutter and its tool holder to the left at the same time, and the adjustment range should not exceed 0.1 mm. Then, adjust the lower knife by 0.10-0.20 mm to make the upper and lower cutters intersect, After adjustment, screw C is locked. After the new machine is cut for a period of time, it may not be separated. Step on the foot switch and push the eight headless screws down evenly to make the lower knife rise. The single adjustment should not exceed 0.1 mm to prevent the upper and lower knives from colliding.


With the continuous development of the industry, our enterprises are also constantly improving. Only by constantly developing new technologies can we make new progress in the future development of the industry. Today's presentation is to let us know how to adjust our blades so that we can better prepare for our production.

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