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The performance characteristics and operation precautions of pneumatic chopper type plate dividing machine are as follows:


The performance characteristics of the pneumatic chopper type Zhi plate splitter are as follows


The cutting rate is Dao 1s / 1, which is controlled by foot pedal pneumatic switch


The cutter group is passively activated, which can safely control the cutting line and position; the cutting stress is small, and it is not easy to form cracking phenomenon


No dust, no motor drive, no carbon powder pollution


Non friction cutting, no tool metal residue


Blade used 200000 times, no power supply, no loss of electrical products, replacement


The cutting tool is designed by the import company, so it is not necessary to import it and has a long time effect


Use 4-5kg air pressure, do not need special cutting place; the appearance can be wiped with antirust maintenance oil.


Safety precautions for operation of pneumatic cutter type plate splitter:


Confirm whether the machinery is normal before operation. Before the formal start of work, first of all, let the machine run for about two minutes to see whether the tool moves up and down, whether the circuit and air circuit are smooth, and then start to work after confirming that it is OK.


Work in strict accordance with the operation instructions, safety accidents are generally caused by the non-standard operation of the staff, so the use of pneumatic knife type aluminum substrate / PCB / LED board splitter must pay attention to the standardization of operation.


Strengthen the safety awareness of industrial production. We should always strengthen the work goal of safety first, otherwise, if we work hard, we will not lose our health.


During processing, the V-groove of PCB board should be aligned with the edge of the straight knife, so as to reduce the board burr, reduce the tool wear, and improve the efficiency.


Do not put fingers or other objects between two straight knives during operation. As the steel of the straight knife is very sharp, it is necessary to keep a certain distance between the finger and the blade when processing.

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